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      Rocky Byrd (born Brandon Allen Byrd May 3, 1985) is an American record producer/ musician/ songwriter from St.Louis Missouri. He joined a band in early 2010,and met Grammy Award Winning Music Producer Ryan Bowser who is best known for "Dilemma" with Nelly and Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child which earned him a Grammy in 2004. Ryan and Rocky became close friends which led to him becoming a studio musician playing on demo records for T.I, Andree 3000, Miquel, Bruno Mars and B.o.B. which eventually provoked Ryan to make him a Producer under Ghost Music. He soon branched out on his own to create BlaqueByrdMusic in mid 2012.

Since then his sensational muscianship and infectious beats and creative writing style have landed him work in many different genres of music producing tracks and writing, with current placements and demo production credits including Cassandra Llea who he produced two tracks for new album to be released in 2013; called "Misled" and "Like Your Style" which he originally co-wrote with Cassandra for Nicole Scherzinger but the record never made it pass pre-production. American Idol contestant Robin Skinner, IreneB, Lady Ga Ga, Jai Kai, Britney Spears(He played the guitars on Britney Spears's remix of "Toxic" for Frankie Biggz who produced the orginal official remix in 2007 on Jive Records)and also Danny & David Massa from The X-Factor (Australia) who contacted him to reproduce a song they are currently planning to cover on YouTube, performed by Cody Simpson called 'Wish You Were Here". After hearing the reproduced version of the song they quickly agreed to and offered a placement spot on their upcoming debut album, which they will being recording after filming the new season of the X-Factor Australia.

A few months later Rocky was contacted by Keith Jackson an artist manger out of ATL. Out of that situation turned up a placement with BJ Bowers of the group UNTITLED, who is now signed to Def Jam South/Disturbing the Peace under Ludacris. His newest placement venture is a track he co-produced with Ryan called "Dealer" for RENZO who is an R&B singer based out of Miami to be released in the Summer of 2013. You can also hear him on tracks like "World Class Chick" which he produced in late 2012 for Gabby or his remix of Justin Timberlake's "My Love" on YouTube an also the dance remix of "Oh Baby" by IreneB which he was asked to produce personally by Frankie Biggz Lucio who was quite pleased with Rocky's work on his previous projects.
Very unique sound, this may be a future hit maker ~ D. Wingate - Interscope Records
We love the track Feeling So Strong, and look forward to using it in the 2013 year ~ C. Clayton - MTV Reality
Quality music = large MAJOR deals for Blacque Byrd Music ~ T.Foxxx - HHL Music Group
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